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Premium Knife Sharpening Stone, Double Sided, 3000 / 8000 Grit, Whetstone Knife Sharpener, Japanese Waterstone, Including A Non Slip Silicon & Bamboo Base By Danube

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PREMIUM QUALITY: Our double-sided sharpening stone is perfect for every kitchen. The stone has a 3000 grit that makes edges very sharp. The other side consists of a 8000 grit which is ideal for finishing and polishing edges.
HIGH-GRADE GRINDSTONE: Our professional grade knife sharpener is highly durable and long lasting. The knife sharpening stone is made out of professional grade white corrundum, heat-resistant and corrosion resistant which allows for superior knife sharpening.
MULTIPURPOSE USE: You can use this professional grade whetstone to sharpen kitchen knives, kitchen shears, pocket knives, porting knives, straight razor, cutting class knives, hunting knives and cuttlery knives. Don’t forget you can use the grinding stone also to sharpen garden tools such as an axe. Great for professional cooks and kitchens.

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SPRING SALE: Restaurant Grade Blade Sharpener

Premium 2-IN-1 Knife Sprucing Stone:
Best possible for the pro chef, amateur cook, looking / camping / out of doors / survival enthusiast. Sharpens kitchen knife, pocket knife, Wusthof, looking & skinning knives, steel tools, scissors, or even razors.

3000 Grit Aspect: Coarse Side
The 3000 grit is in a position to put an edge on a device or knife that exceeds as regards to any business edge you’ll be able to to find. Use the coarse Aspect of the whetstone to grind away the roughness.

8000 Grit Aspect: Fine Side
Use the fine Aspect to perfectly sharpen the blade and varnish the brink. A knife or tool that has been sharpened to this stage will work for any task required.

1. Soak the stone within the water for roughly five (five) to 10 (10) mins. The stone has absorbed the optimum quantity of water once the little air bubbles disappear.
2. First use the #3000 grit Aspect for fine grinding in a ten-20 degree perspective. Get started on the tip of the blade. Pull the blade over the stone via to the center and all the way down to The bottom of the blade. After a little while, a fine edge can have developed.
3. Then use the #8000 grit Aspect to shine your knife, Do not force an excessive amount of.
4. To complete, pull the blade twice at an perspective to the leading edge to take away the last burrs. Your knife will have to now be in reality sharp.
5. After Sprucing the knife, blank the knife with wet material or water, then dry it.
6. Use a comfortable brush or wet material to scrub the Sprucing stone and let it dry.

1. Please use all of the surface of the Sprucing stone when Sprucing blades.
2. Do not use whetstone to sharpen serrated blades and ceramic knife.

Subject material: Corundum Colour

White & Blue Particle size: 3000 Grit (Blue Aspect), 8000 Grit (White Aspect)

PREMIUM QUALITY: Our double-sided Sprucing stone is Best possible for each and every kitchen. The stone has a 3000 grit that makes edges very sharp. The opposite Aspect is composed of a 8000 grit which is perfect for finishing and sprucing edges.
HIGH-GRADE GRINDSTONE: Our skilled grade knife sharpener is very sturdy and long lasting. The knife Sprucing stone is constructed from skilled grade white corrundum, warmth-resistant and corrosion resistant which permits for superior knife Sprucing.
MULTIPURPOSE USE: You’ll be able to use this skilled grade whetstone to sharpen kitchen knives, kitchen shears, pocket knives, porting knives, straight razor, cutting elegance knives, looking knives and cuttlery knives. Do not fail to remember You’ll be able to use the grinding stone additionally to sharpen garden tools such as an awl. Nice for pro cooks and kitchens.
GUARANTEE THE SAFETY: The Sprucing stone comes with a non-slip, top quality silicon and bamboo base. The bottom holds the Sprucing stone securely and stuck in one place.
one hundred% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: We’re certain that you’re going to be more than pleased with the acquisition of this grinding stone. You’ll be able to check it out for and go back it inside 30 days when you aren’t happy with the product.